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First short.

There was a faint ringing in the distance. It stopped, but started once again a half a minute later. It repeated this course until he regained consciousness and was able to slam his hand down against the ‘snooze’ button on his alarm clock. He rolled out of bed and went straight to the mirror. Hi eyes were puffy and bloodshot, his hair was a mess, his face was covered in dried sweat. He had only gotten about an hour of sleep and it was weighing him down, but he grudgingly pulled on a wife beater and some pajama pants before walking to the bathroom. He glanced in the mirror as he walked to the shower to turn the knob for cold water all the way to the right. It wasn’t his usual routine to use cold water, but then again, nothing was usual with his current situation. He stepped into the shower and stared across at the wall while the water dripped down his body. A hot tear emerged in his eye, held off for a minute, then ran down his face like one of the similar drops of water. “Why…”, he questioned himself. Then tilted his head upwards to let the water wash over him, wash over his non virgin lips, his experienced eyes, his accusable face. His old hope was that it would wash away his sins, and his problems. After a few minutes he got out of the shower and drove himself to school. His parking spot was the same but somehow, the lot itself looked different. Everything looked different through his eyes. It was all lifeless, useless, dead. His classes were the hardest. Keeping his usual countenance was near impossible in such an unusual situation, in such a populated room. He made it to sixth period alright. But what was to come would be the expected worst part. Lunch. He grabbed a roll and although he tried to avoid it, he couldn’t help looking at one of the tables all the way to the left of the room. His ex-girlfriend, Dawn, sat next to her best friend, seemingly unaffected by the events of a few weeks before. He was straining his face to keep from breaking out in tears. But without stopping, he walked straight to the nearest staircase and sat behind it, hoping to be alone. “Why did I give up…” Just a month ago, they were deeply in love, never separated, always given the company of each others smiles. They had dated for four months, and had experienced everything together. But it just wasn’t enough to keep him satisfied. He recently got bored of her constant need for compassion, her never ending quest for happiness. He got sick of the way she cried when reminded of her past, which seemed to be happening often as of late. So he left her and used the excuse that the stress was too much. But his eyes were already locked on someone new. Dawn told him he was making the wrong decision, but he ignored her warnings. He expected things to be okay. He expected her to recover quickly with understanding, and the new girl, Emily, to make him as happy as he’d once been. But it didn’t work out that way, for after a week of not having Dawns presence, his heart began to ache. He lost his appetite and his energy. Every time he kissed Emily, he felt Dawns lips on the side of his neck. Every time his fingers ran up her leg to lift her skirt, Dawns body came into mind. It haunted him, and made him realize how truly unhappy he was. So he was, once again, alone. He pulled his sleeve back to look at his wrist. The sight made him sick to his stomach. He needed her. So he did what he thought he had to do. He walked down the hall and into the cafeteria, to her table. To her. He looked her in the eyes and said softly, “We need to talk.” She simply nodded and stood up so they could walk together up two flights of stairs then down the hall to an abandoned hallway which housed an empty classroom at the end. They walked in and gazed around this room which contained so many memories. In this room, they met two years ago. He had been making his way to the bathroom, when a distraught girl ran by in the direction of the abandoned section of school. He followed her through winding hallways, up two set of stairs, and through the doorway of the room. He found her kneeling on the walls’ counter, tipping open one of the windows with her hand. He dashed through the desks to the other end of the room. “STOP!”, but she flung the window wide open all too fast. Her head turned slowly toward him, and with a dim smile, she let her weight unbalance itself and began to fall. “I won’t let you fall…” With a grunt, he leaped on top of counter to grab her before she could plummet to her death. Only by a miracle, he’d managed to wrap his arm around her abdomen and pull her to safety. He held her close, unknowing of who she was and what was going on. But it didn’t matter because she was safe. “What just happened?! Are you okay? You could’ve died!” She looked up at him and the tears ran down her face like rivers. He sat in the room with her until school ended, and learned that her mom had died of throat cancer a few days before. This conversation began a friendship, and that friendship grew to a best friendship. Quickly, it had turned into a relationship and they fell in love, but the day had never left his mind. Ever since that day, they met in room three hundred and fifty-nine every day, sixth period. The memories washed over him like his shower earlier that day, bringing back all of the emotion he attempted to lose. “You know I can’t take you back…” She couldn’t even face him, and he couldn’t face her. All he could hear besides her voice and his heavy breathing was the clatter of her shoes and she crossed the room. He turned towards her to speak. “I know. I wanted to say that I’m sorry for everything… I love you, and I should’ve accepted who you are. I shouldn’t have given up so easily because of a little stress. Baby, you mean so much more to me than all of the fights and all of the bullshit. All that matters is you. I need you in my life. You ARE my life… My everything…” He could hear her sniffles so he started to walk towards her. She was crouched by the window, staring out into the golden sun as it lit up the school parking lot. The light seemed to bounce off her in a way that seemed like she was glowing. Her voice cracked, “I’m sorry.” Then the window in front of her flew open, and she turned to him, her face showing even more hurt than it had the first time. She tried to tip over, tried to fall out, but she couldn’t. She couldn’t leave him, despite how he may have left her in the past. “I love you too.” He bounded towards her and trapped her in a warm embrace. The feeling was too familiar, and by this point they were both crying. “I’ll never let you fall…” As their faces brushed past, their tears mixed, just like their emotions had always done. She melted into him and just cried. Neither spoke for a few minutes. Then, she said “I’ve missed you too, Jack. You don’t even know… All of the sleepless nights you put me through, all of the emotionless days I encountered. You numbed me. But now I’m warm again, and I can finally feel something. I can finally feel-” Then he kissed her, quickly but passionately. When he pulled away, he took a step back and reached out his hand. “Trust me, I can make this work. I promise.” She looked up and put her arm out to grab his, but as she did so the moisture from her tears on her hand caused her to slip, and she tumbled out the window. Not even a scream had escaped her throat, she just accepted her actions. He jumped up on the counter and looked down. He looked down at his lost love, his lost life, his lost best friend. And he knew then that it was over.