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Second short.

Her head pounded through her body, pumping all of the newly realized lies to her mind, down her spine and through her veins to the tips of her fingers. She searched her room quickly, looking for a way out. But nothing seemed appropriate for what she was planning to do. She crawled on her hands and knees to the mirror and pawed at her pathetic reflection. In a matter of seconds her hair was matted down by sweat to the sides of her face, her pupils dilated to the max, her bottom lip quivering. She screamed, but no one was home to hear it. Falling backwards, the last year and a half of her life flashed before her eyes. Every day, every hour, every minute, every second was a lie. He’d used her for everything she could possibly give; love, compassion, sex, money. And once she was going through a hard time in her life, once she couldn’t focus every ounce of attention on him, he left her to go for someone new. She lay in the middle of her floor, back down, arms straight out from her sides. Her hands grasped the carpet tightly, for it was the only thing she knew truly existed at the time. Her reality had just completely collapsed around her to the point where she couldn’t tell what was real anymore. But not a tear ran down her face. She held them all inside. He wasn’t deserving of her tears.

After about an hour of laying alone on her floor thinking about everything that had happened, the hyperventilation slowly drew to a close. She leaned forwards and her world spun for a minute, then suddenly everything was clear. She stood up and walked over the the mirror again. Her left hand approached the mirror and her fingertips met up with their reflection. That’s what she wanted to be, a reflection. They couldn’t feel anything, or be anything. They just had the job of simply following everything they saw through their ever-seeing eye. She was jealous. But then her mind was back on track, and she looked up at her own face. It was much more calm now and she could finally speak, so she spoke. “You will get over him.” Her right hand gripped into a tight fist and she punched the mirror using all of her pent up agony. She howled in pain. The mirror shattered in a matter of seconds, as well as her reflection. Her hand was covered in blood, and one of her knuckles was smashed. But it didn’t matter. She looked into the hollow frame that used to hold her reflection and projected the image in her head that it was still there. “He’s scum. And he’ll pay for this at Karma’s hands.” A solemn tear ran down her cheek and she rubbed it off with her damaged hand. One last time, she muttered “You will get over him.” Seconds later she passed out on the floor from the pain.

"Augh…" She moaned in pain and slowly cracked her eyes open. "Shes awake! We need more anesthetic, NOW!" A sharp pain ran up her right arm. That’s all it took for her to realize what had happened. When she punched the mirror, piece of glass sliced down her arm, causing a huge gash along her median vein. So she was rushed to this hospital. Her sight faded and she was lost once again in sleep.

The second time she woke up, things were different. Both her arm and head ached, and she gritted her teeth just to lift her head and open her eyes. Her mother sat in a chair beside her bed, asleep. Her head was rolled to its side in an uncomfortable position. She switched her attention to the bandage on her arm and the tubes running through the entire left side of her body to pump blood. Without sufficient blood, she could barely breathe. Across the room was a mirror. She saw it and cringed, thinking about everything that happened that day. But she was unable to stay awake so she once again, lost consciousness.

Again, her eyes opened. She felt her hand entwined with her mothers on the opposite side of the bed that she had been on before. She couldn’t even lift her head this time, so she just tilted it towards her mother. But what she saw put her in shock. He was sitting there, his eyes clearly puffy from tears. He looked down at her with the utmost look of regret on his face. In his other hand he held the necklace he’d gotten her for her birthday that past year. Without saying a word, he bent over and unclasped the necklace, placing it around her neck then re-clasping it. “I don’t know what to say…” She didn’t either, so it was okay. Then she remembered what he’d done, and she let go of his hand to roll over and face the other way. “Get out.” “But, Sam. Please, give me a chance to explain myself.”, he said through his cracking voice. “I love. What you heard, it wasn’t true. You have to believe me.” Suddenly she burst out in tears. “How can I believe you? All of the lies… I know about all of them now.” He shook his head then tilted it upwards to try to prevent himself from crying. “I’m sorry… It was all too much for me. I overreacted, but I never meant to hurt you.” She ignored him, and as he said last last words she’d hear him speak, her heart rate flat lined. “I love you…”

Without thinking, Dan slammed his hand against the call for help button and ran out into the hall. He wanted to scream, “There’s a girl dieing in here, goddammit!” but the hospital staff were already on it. As they ran by him, his world slowed down and he lost sight of where he was and why he was there. All he could think of was how much he needed her. Snapping back to reality, ran into the room to see that a defibrillator was placed on diagonal sides of her chest in an attempt to gain back her heart rate. He watched in agony as they tried to keep his girlfriend alive. The yells of the doctors only made the uneasiness worse. A nurse escorted him out of the room, and he tried to fight her off, but he just had security called on him.

After four hours of waiting with her family in the waiting room, a doctor came out. “I’m sorry… It couldn’t be helped.” And that’s when he realized he’d made the biggest mistake of his life. He lost her, the only person he’d ever loved, ever trusted, ever cared about. He shook his head. “No…” The doctor simply repeated himself, “I’m sorry.” Then walked away to inform another family or their misfortune, or if they were lucky, their fortune. “I lost her…”